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Started July 7, 2006
Ended July 9, 2006

WSA feeling insulted by The Legion's purple team senate messages


WSA defeated

Preceded By Second Arctic War
Succeeded By The Great War

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order
NpO Flag.png New Polar Order
GATO Flag.png Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
Legion Flag.png The Legion

Warpstorm Alliance flag.jpg Warpstorm Alliance


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png Ivan Moldavi

Ribbon Awarded
WSA War War Ribbon

The WSA War was a short conflict fought between the Warpstorm Alliance and a coalition of the New Pacific Order, New Polar Order, The Legion and GATO.


Without warning the Warpstorm Alliance declared war on The Legion, feeling insulted by the use of the purple team senate messaging by one of their senators.

War Progress

Nuclear weapons were used from the very beginning of the war (at the time there was no requirement to wait 24 hours before launching them). Following their assault on The Legion, the NPO and GATO declared war in response in support, and the NpO joined to assist the NPO.


Two days of nuclear war left the Warpstorm Alliance in ruins and their strength depleted.

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