Second Arctic War

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Second Arctic War
Started May 22, 2006
Ended June 3, 2006

Espionage by NAAC against NPO


NAAC defeat, New Polar Order founded

Preceded By ICSN Debacle
Succeeded By WSA War

New Pacific Order
Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
The Legion

National Alliance of Arctic Countries


Ivan Moldavi

Ribbon Awarded
Second Arctic War War Ribbon

The Second Arctic War (also known as the Second Polar War) was the second war fought between NPO and NAAC. It saw the first widespread use of nuclear weapons in Cyber Nations and bolstered NPO's status as the preeminent alliance in CN. NAAC's weakness and disorganization in the war's aftermath prompted NPO to found the New Polar Order on the blue team.


After a spy was uncovered in the Order's ranks, it was traced back to the NAAC. While NPO officials attempted to get an explanation from the NAAC leadership, they were met by stonewalling in return. Deciding to take action, the Order declared war on the NAAC.[1]

War Progress

A full-scale midnight blitz was launched resulting in over 60 war declarations being made, bringing the vast majority of Arctic nations down. Prominent high-ranking NAAC members began deserting their alliance, leaving it without leadership.

Evidence surfaced that NAAC had also been spying on GATO, one of the NPO's closest allies at the time. GATO then declared war on the NAAC. Shortly thereafter, The Legion entered into the fray after a request for assistance from the NPO.


The war came to an end on June 3. With the NAAC defeated and suffering from a desertions among its leadership, a new leadership void developed on the blue team.

With the view of maintaining stability on the blue team, the New Polar Order was founded with Ivan Moldavi being its Emperor. Other alliances attempted to join the blue team as well including LUEnited Nations.


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