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Lord Hoth is a long-term member of the New Planetary Order. He has taken part of several wars that have involved tens of guilds, notably the War against the CLS Confederation, the NPO-Mordor War, the Borg-NPO War, the Federative War (the Minbari Federation against several smaller guilds), the First Server War and the Second Server War. Unfortunately, Lord Hoth had to end the Second Server War short for himself due to personal issues and he joined MAY for a month.


Lord Hoth started as a low-ranking member of the New Planetary Order more than six hundred days ago. He has since been a Regional Governor of the NPO and is currently, a long-term member of the Senate.

Alternate Usernames in Alpha

Lord Hoth was called on his first days in AE as 'Supreme Chancellor'. Some time later, he renamed himself into 'Army of Light'. In June of 2007, AoL (abbreviation) renamed himself to 'Lord Hoth' due to personal views.

Other Servers

Lord Hoth joined Ceti when it began and quit shortly afterwards. Lord Hoth also has an account in Beta Server.


Hoth wishes to keep the details of his account in Beta to keep a secret of some degree but he is willing to say that he is currently in Travellers.


He has since began again on Ceti and is currently a member of WRYS under the name of General Bel Iblis.

Hoth's life in Ceti has been an exciting one - he came into Ceti (the second time) for he was called to by his good friend from Alpha. He took up the position of taking care of internal affairs for the Illuminati. Later, when the Illuminati failed and were destroyed in a number of wars, Hoth began the process of rebuilding, now second-in-command of the guild. It was he who managed to get the renaming to the Ascended done and who tried to organize the players. As one of the leaders of Ascended, he began the talks of a merge with VAN and HUN, an alliance of which the guild Pantherawas born. Panthera was a shortlived attempt but it could have succeeded. Hoth had to leave due to personal issues in the end of May and after that, Panthera went into a downfall and was abandoned as a concept. Since, he has returned and is now a loyal member of WRYS.

Usernames in Ceti:

  • Elendil Voronda
  • General Bel Iblis

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