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This page contains the documentation for Template:Gamepage. It includes information about the template, such as usage and categories, and is not displayed when using the template itself.

This is a link shortcut template to link to game-specific versions of pages. Typically you will want to use one of the shortcuts to it, listed here.

If you don't need to hide or change the " in <game>" / " (game)" part, you can just use a regular wikitext link.

To document a shortcut to this template, use Template:Gamepage/shortcut doc.


  • First unnamed parameter: the subject (name of the page to link to).
  • (optional) Second unnamed parameter: what to display as the text of the link. Defaults to the first parameter.
  • game: The full name of the game. (Can be obtained with {{abbrgame}} if needed.)
  • p: Define this parameter to link to "X (Game Name)" instead of "X in Game Name".


Note that {{CN}} should be used instead in actual use of these cases.