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This page contains the documentation for Template:Gov. It includes information about the template, such as usage and categories, and is not displayed when using the template itself.

This template is used to retrieve the current officeholders of government positions, in order to make pages easier to maintain.

This template makes use of Lua code at Module:Government. Please use the template rather than invoking the module directly.

To update current government, see Module:Government/list. To update shortcut position names, see Module:Government.


  • first unnamed parameter: the game or category to look up. It must be capitalized and spelled/spaced correctly for links to work.
  • second unnamed parameter: the position to look up. Do not use a plural form.
  • bull (optional): you can use this to force the list of officeholders to be bulleted or not. By default, single-incumbent offices are not bulleted and multi-incumbent ones are. This must be either "yes" or "no".
  • desc (optional): use this to show a description of any special duties for the given officeholder, if any, as described in the list module. If not specified, the description will not be shown even if it is present. This parameter only needs to be any non-empty text to work, such as "x" or "yes".