History of the New Pacific Order in NationStates

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History of the New Pacific Order

The August Revolution

Francos Spain took the Delegacy of The Pacific from inactive Delegate Thedoc on August 28, 2003 after accumulating sufficient endorsements through both internal operation and external forces to seize the region from the democratic defender regime. The New Pacific Order under its historical and present name was founded on August 31, 2003 as a direct result of the August Revolution. Francos Spain proceeded to establish a new government in which he served as the face of the Order and executioner of activities, while allies InfernoIce, Poskrebyshev and Mammothistan operated strongly alongside him. Francos Spain's seizure of the region caused a great uproar in NationStates and he found himself under attack on a regular basis by players across many regions. He repelled all attempts to take it back. His original major supporters aiding in keeping the region secure and intact were Infernoice and Poskrebyshev. Poskrebyshev was the first Senator, and InfernoIce the second. Francos Spain maintained control of The Pacific despite many efforts, both poorly formed and organized by some of the largest alliances and regions in the game, to mechanically take the delegacy from him. Over the course of his months, he also at one point dropped UN status on his nation, stating that he had done so to prove that the region loved him and he was not just a dictator[1].

The Opposition

One opposing side and host to the deposed former delegate of The Pacific was The Pacific Army. The Pacific Army was the rallying point for much support while using the frequently inactive forrmer delegate Thedoc to claim legitimacy, although other groups tried individually as well. The Pacific Army as a rallying point served as a propaganda machine rather than a militarily threatening force. They resorted to various tactics such as sneaking in spies, generating propaganda, spamming the region, and rallying further outside support against the figure they saw as an unrelenting dictator. Their efforts were not as notable as those by other individuals. Major figures supporting The Pacific Army were the Alliance Defense Network and a coalition of other allies including the Rejected Realms Army, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The East Pacific, and several other regions. Most of the game was arrayed against the New Pacific Order and attacks continued for months. During this time, a Senate comprised of various loyal individuals was established[2], with the main figures being Poskrebyshev, InfernoIce, Bertram Stantrous, and Mammothistan. Many of them worked tirelessly in a capacity for Intelligence work as a counter to the numerous enemies scattered across the game.

An introductory meeting to seize The Pacific from Francos Spain was led by the Meritocracy and backed by the powerful Alliance Defense Network. It was referred to as the "Summit"[3]. Initial efforts involved planting nations and slipping UN nations into the region to endorse point nations. There were tensions between the allies when a member of the Alliance Defense Network attempted to take the Delegacy for himself. Requests that he desist were met with compliance. Francos Spain and his Senators proved adept at identifying these points, however, and they banjected the liberation forces from the region before they could accumulate enough endorsements to replace him in the delegacy.

One particularly notable attempt by an antagonistic individual occurred when a game glitch (referred to as the Battle of the Glitch) removed Francos Spain from the Delegacy[4] in late October of 2003. Corinthe, a defender initially from the Alliance Defense Network and later The Youngworld, piled with well over a hundred nations after his removal to attempt to take the delegacy through glitch exploit. The Moderators initially ruled that all nations had to depart because exploiting a glitch was against the rules[5]. Their departure made it easier for Francos Spain to reclaim the seat with all of his endorsements, though he still had to oppose a large pile that returned when [violet] permitted it[6]. Like all other attempts, this one failed on October 28, 2003 by a margin of two endorsements, and Corinthe and all endorsers were banjected from the region. Francos Spain posted the following World Factbook Entry[7] after regaining control of the region:

"Yesterday, we expelled the filthy hordes of opportunists; the flocks of vultures who tried to swoop in and pick us apart, and LO! We live on, stronger than ever! My thanks to the many steadfast nations who supported me against those foreign devils. Also, today, Tuesday, October 28th is the Day of Pacific Revolution. This marks the two month anniversary of my initial rise to the Delegacy. The New Pacific Order is now the most stable and longest lasting administration in the history of the Pacific."

The New Pacific Order

After the failure of the Battle of the Glitch, regions returned to the same enthusiastic but disorganized propaganda efforts that achieved very little of mechanical value. Over the course of the next half-year, several former avowed enemies such as LadyRebels and 1 Infinite Loop joined the forums of the New Pacific Order and became more acquainted with the community. Eventually peace was made with The South Pacific[8]. The East Pacific and the New Pacific Order signed a treaty and lasting friendships were established. The Alliance Defense Network continued on as an enemy, but the New Pacific Order made alliances with regions such as the USSR and New Sparrow over a period of months. As time passed, more and more regions began to recognize the New Pacific Order as legitimate. There were many holdouts, such as The North Pacific, especially under the intensely hostile Twoslit Experiment, and the Rejected Realms Army, especially related to CrazyGirl, who was also a member of The Pacific Army. Francos Spain wished to establish a Roman Republic theme initially but in the face of accusations of being Stalin, wound up making it as much of a Russian/Soviet theme as a Roman Republic one.

The Alliance Defense Network remained a powerful enemy and many efforts to combat them were undertaken, such as an attempt to support a coup initiated by Great Bight, in which moderators permitted a cheat tactic known as Puppetmaster to take the delegacy back for the Alliance Defense Network and their allies. The cheat exploit had initially been planned to use against the New Pacific Order but was used instead to reclaim the delegacy of The North Pacific. Francos was involved in this but only to a peripheral degree, as his nation after initially endotarting went inactive and the claim that he had gone on vacation was utilized. The New Pacific Order claimed that the effort was due to not wanting to see instability in The North Pacific and maintained this story.

With alliances formed, some lasting, some not, the New Pacific Order continued on with Francos Spain at the helm. New members continued to file in as former enemies began to slowly realize that the New Pacific Order was not as loathsome as their allies would have them believe. Some of these former enemies later became Senators or Governors. With new members and activity surging, the New Pacific Order despite setbacks in The North Pacific was doing well for itself. They aimed to win the culture war and defeat the propaganda of the opposition. The forums of The Pacific became a favored place to cultivate time in good company despite their demonized reputation.

The People's Republic of The Pacific

The time of Francos Spain came to a close when he and Poskrebyshev chose to depart NationStates. With the inspiration for the Revolution departed and a foreign affairs image to ameliorate, the response by new Emperor Unlimited and the remaining Senate was to found the People's Republic of the Pacific (PRP) as a slightly different but still effective operational clone of the New Pacific Order. They operated almost exactly the same and were a continuation of the New Pacific Order, but operated under another name. They used this rebrand to improve the image of The Pacific and ultimately secure recognition of their legitimacy among others, including numerous holdouts who had stubbornly clung to the rhetoric of the deposed natives and the defenders. The Senate comprised of Mammothistan and BlackAdder remained similar to what it had been, with some new additions such as Mussolandia, Doppelganger, Chosen Men, and Warrior Thorin. Sir Paul and and Warrior Thorin retired not long after Francos Spain ceased to exist and after the events in The North Pacific.

The People's Republic of The Pacific served as a public relations tool to soften the hard image of the New Pacific Order that had earned them so many enemies early on. To some people who believed this wholly, they refer to the People's Republic of The Pacific as the golden age of The Pacific to this day. While the time of the People's Republic of The Pacific was excellent for foreign affairs relations and further solidifying the decision to recognize the regime established by Francos Spain as legitimate, it maintained the core principles upon which the New Pacific Order was initially founded. During its existence there were several more coup attempts on The North Pacific, some of which were attributed to members of the People's Republic of The Pacific and an alliance with ambitious anti-United Nations organization Gatesville was concluded. Strong alliances with The East Pacific, USSR, New Sparrow, and Gatesville allowed for a much more influential stance on the world stage.

Mammothistan applied to have the New Pacific Order join the Alliance Defense Network as a joke, which did not sit well with the Alliance Defense Network. Intense disagreements arose over the issue and it ultimately culminated in refusing the application, as most players had expected. The People's Republic of The Pacific was known for several of these joking manuevers. To some it is remembered as the golden age of The Pacific despite the fact that it was largely the same New Pacific Order under a new branding. Many of the same members remained in leadership roles throughout the existence of this iteration of the New Pacific Order. This was interrupted by the introduction of a new game into the playing field: CyberNations.

The Advent and Effect of CyberNations

The discovery of CyberNations was a titanic event that led to the loss of a generation of talent from NationStates. Older, established members and mid-level staff migrated to the new game and essentially abandoned NationStates. Hardest hit by this advent were the activity of The Pacific and the leadership of the Alliance Defense Network. Many former enemies even flocked to join the New Pacific Order in CyberNations, such as Unistrut and Dilber of the Alliance Defense Network and Blackbird of the Red Liberty Alliance. The losses incurred by the migration took almost a decade to mitigate. While it was not the death of the New Pacific Order, it was one of the death blows to the Alliance Defense Network.

The Return of the New Pacific Order

BlackAdder, seeing the devastating effects of CyberNations on NationStates activity, took a drastic step to try to reignite that lacking activity. As Emperor, he reestablished the New Pacific Order out of both nostalgia and necessity. Mammothistan opposed this effort and was exiled as a traitor to the Order. BlackAdder ended up exiling most of the Senators from the People's Republic of The Pacific era of The Pacific. BlackAdder's new Senate added former The South Pacific Delegate, Goddessness, Sixguns, and Moo Cows with Guns. The bid for igniting new activity was largely unsuccessful in the long term but in the short term successfully brought a measure of life back into an organization hit particularly hard by the new game. The New Pacific Order under BlackAdder formed an the Later Alliance with Gatesville, USSR, and New Sparrow to oppose what remained of the Alliance Defense Network.

The Alliance Defense Network ultimately collapsed when regions began to realize that they didn't need it as much as it needed them. One by one, the major regions split off and it dwindled away until it no longer existed. The Alliance Defense Network was dead by the end of 2007 and the greatest threat to the New Pacific Order had died.

Turmoil and Treason

Moo Cows with Guns became the Delegate of The Pacific when Ivan stepped down. His term was full of turmoil and inactivity in varying patterns. The most prominent happenstance during his term was the sheer volume of attempted coups by many in the game, including some of his own Senators, to try and save The Pacific from the inactivity Moo Cows with Guns allowed. His Senate projected an external view of activity by Moo Cows with Guns himself. Internally, they were the ones endotarting for Moo Cows with Guns, as he could not be bothered to log in on a regular basis. One of the most prolific series of attempts to coup Moo Cows with Guns internally were committed by Senator of Intelligence Darkesia, who disliked Moo Cows with Guns' inactivity and wished to restore the New Pacific Order to its former glory. Moo Cows with Guns managed to find out about one of these coups and exiled her for treason.

Externally, there were also several events that occurred. The North Pacific temporarily declared war for reasons generally unknown. A group called The Pacific Revolutionary Front attempted to coup Moo Cows with Guns. A defense pact known as the Azure Alliance comprised of signatories The North Pacific, The South Pacific, Taijitu and The Pacific was formed. Gatesville planned with a region called Dhaka to coup Moo Cows with Guns. At one point Moo Cows with Guns conducted a discussion with Empire about Gaspoinia's interest in The Pacific becoming a part of Empire and was told by Empress Lady Phedre (Minineenee) that they had no desire to ally with Moo Cows with Guns as Delegate. Foreign affairs was marred by a general contempt for how far the CyberNations-focused Moo Cows with Guns had run The Pacific's activity into the ground.

Internally, the Senators made many attempts to restore activity despite Moo Cows with Guns' lack of activity and responsiveness. Ivan Moldavi initiated an effort to rebrand to stir up activity again, proposing several names but eventually settling on the Union Sovereign States of The Pacific. He also proposed an elected Senator to represent the member base to the Senate, though that was not implemented at the time ultimately. New Kervoskia contacted many outside friends in other regions to try and generate various forms of public drama to encourage a rise of responsiveness. While none of these could quite defeat Moo Cows with Guns' damage to the region, they set the groundwork for the next delegate to fix the problems.

Longevity and Ambition

Early in the Krulltopia era, Gaspoinia pushed for the creation of the position of Senator of Administration. This granted him an administrator position on the New Pacific Order forums. With his work combined with that of several other Senators, activity began to pick up again to an extent. Krulltopia ran into his first problem two years into his term: he could not find a successor willing to take the seat to replace him. A lack of a suitable successor would keep him in office for another four years. Francoism, temporarily discontinued under Moo Cows With Guns, was brought back in full force by Krulltopia's administration. Under the claim of eliminating treaties with "userite" regions, all UCR treaties save those with Gatesville were cancelled immediately. Gaspoinia, now inundated with significant power in the region and holding a monopoly on The Pacific's foreign affairs direction, continued to establish his control.

The initial burst of activity had begun to taper off slightly again when it came to pass that A Mean Old Man and Feux ascended to the Senate. Shortly after this, Milograd followed after his coup of The South Pacific which had been themed on a socialist republic. Milograd was not removed from the region despite claims of intent to punish him, but instead made the head of Foreign Affairs. Not long after this, he, too, joined Krulltopia's Senate. This became most relevant because, combined with Senator Karpathos, the four of them began to wage war against Gaspoinia from within. After a massive internal struggle, Gaspoinia, whose ambitions to draw The Pacific into Gatesville's aegis yet further, lost the battle for power against the four. He attempted to coup the region before his exit, but was stopped before any lasting damage could be done.

This left Feux, A Mean Old Man, Milograd, and Karpathos with a large amount of control of the Pacific Senate. None of them were considered for the position of Regent, however, that instead falling to Elegarth and Rothinzil. Both continued the trend of refusing to take the seat from Krulltopia, and his other options for succession were deemed unwelcome. The New Pacific Order by 2014 had become characterized by contributions from long-term members such as Aleisyr, Foreign Affairs moves by Elegarth, and ambitious seeking of the Delegacy by Feux. However, activity had begun to siphon away from The Pacific after Feux couped Lazarus and took control of the region from the Imperialists. He, along with some Lazarene natives who supported his operation, contributed to the creation of the People's Republic of Lazarus only months after Milograd's initial coup of The South Pacific. Defenders and the New Pacific Order allied to create the new regime in Lazarus, resulting in a new bloc quite different from that which Gaspoinia had attempted to build. Milograd came to serve as Delegate and Chairman of the People's Republic of Lazarus, marking the region with a new time of great activity and energy. The toll taken on The Pacific by the migration of activity to Lazarus was marked.

Krulltopia continued to rule The Pacific, but trouble was on the horizon, as the People's Republic of Lazarus would be overthrown to create a name that would live on in infamy.

Feux, by now the Regent of the New Pacific Order, and Stujenske, the Chairman of Lazarus, decided to coup the region in early 2015. This decision was driven by the pair partaking in an inadvisable substance and backlash from banjecting the problematic player Funkadelia, who was raising a fuss over his banjection. Between trouble in the region and their other choice, they overthrew the People's Republic of Lazarus and created the New Lazarene Order. The New Pacific Order decided to back the New Lazarene Order despite better judgment and called in reinforcements from the CyberNations branch. Over 150 pilers were brought to play on the side of the New Lazarene Order, stopping the full impact of the loss of native Lazarene endorsements on Stujenske. Most of the Game Created Regions and many others cut ties with The Pacific and joined a coalition to fight against the mechanical holding of Lazarus. The liberation attempts continuously failed. The Pacific was Condemned[9] by the rest of NationStates using the World Assembly, while Krulltopia[10] and A Mean Old Man[11] were stripped of their Commendations.

The failures by the liberation force changed when Kazmr, a friend of Milograd's from the South Pacific Socialist Republic coup, betrayed the New Lazarene Order and his friend. Kazmr removed the leaders of the New Lazarene Order and gave the Delegacy back to the other Lazarenes and their allies. Krulltopia was soon given logs by Kazmr, and then Pergamon, of Feux and his allies planning to overthrow him. He banned all of them and chose the only remaining successor option with whom he felt comfortable and who did not reject the seat.

Restoration of Order

Ivan Moldavi proceeded to succeed Krulltopia and undertook the task of stabilizing public relations and foreign affairs. He abolished Francoism almost immediately and banned hero-worship of Francos Spain, announcing both in public for the rest of NationStates to see. This did not change their problems in terms of difficulties with the other communities. The first step to change came in spring 2016 when Cormactopia couped the Osiris Fraternal Order in the face of a rogue individual. An agreement was struck wherein Cormactopia would support a repeal the Condemnation of The Pacific and cease hostilities in exchange for the New Pacific Order recognizing his coup. The Osiris Fraternal Order was thus recognized as legitimate by the New Pacific Order and The Pacific lost its Condemnation[12].

Once the Condemnation was gone, Ivan Moldavi proceeded to establish a new alliance with The West Pacific, Balder, and Osiris known as the GCR Sovereignty Accords[13]. This was intended to form a powerful new bloc, though it ran into difficulties fairly quickly. The bloc's alliance with the raider region known as The Black Hawks and the new Regent, Pergamon, became a straining point that led to Osiris' eventual defection and the souring of relations between the remainders of the GCR Sovereignty Accords. The Black Hawks and the New Pacific Order existed in a state of hostility due to this rivalry. This continued to cause difficulties with The West Pacific and Balder. Things intensified when a member of the Council of Hawks insulted The Pacific and the liberation of a roleplay region Ankh Mauta, which was at the time occupied by The Black Hawks, was ordered as retaliation. Pergamon publicly took the blame and the backlash and was removed voluntarily from the Regent position to prevent further difficulties. After an explosive fallout with New Kervoskia and Osiris, Ivan stepped down and granted the seat to Aleisyr.

The Return of Francoism

Aleisyr almost immediately reinstated Francoism after taking the seat per Pergamon's suggestion. Pergamon proceeded to establish the Legio Pacificus (later renamed the Legio Pacifica) with Karenus and the two of them built up a new military to replace the Pacific Expeditionary Force. Aleisyr's reign was marked with further tensions with The Black Hawks, whose influence in the Game Created Regions continued to cause a great deal of trouble. Pergamon and Ever-Wandering Souls, the effective leader of The Black Hawks, held a deep dislike for each other and many problems between The Pacific and The Black Hawks were rooted in this intense dislike. They reached a state of uneasy truce where they agreed to leave each other alone, precipitated by Pergamon's departure from the Consul position.

Trouble began again when a prominent member of the Rahl family, another political rival of the New Pacific Order, and raiders Funkadelia, Lamb Stone, and Evil Wolf, began to import voters into Lazarus while Funkadelia was Delegate. Spotting the unusual influx, the defender Roavin caused a controversy by posting data exposing this under the name Curious Observations[14]. Defenders began to import their own voters. As there was no evidence of the organization of the raider side other than public movements but ample evidence of defender importation via leaks, the defender side was portrayed as the villains. This was relevant to the New Pacific Order because the defender side had convinced Pergamon, and thus the New Pacific Order, that raiders were taking over Lazarus. The reaction was to create Task Force Lazarus, an intensely secret group intended to fight the raiders, as they saw them, and help reclaim the region. This would, they predicted, come with the additional bonus of a Lazarus more friendly to the New Pacific Order. They successfully helped incite a civil war within the region in the effort to stop the raiders. When the level of incompetence by The Resistance and the leaks of their chats were revealed, the New Pacific Order withdrew and left them to continue their failures alone.

This did not become relevant again until Imkiville, formerly allied to Evil Wolf and Lamb Stone, seized Lazarus from them. The New Pacific Order sent in people to help stack against the attempts of others to take advantage of the situation, including Empire members and the former occupants of the region who had lost the seat. In order to ensure that the region never fell into their hands, Aleisyr reached out to Adytus, who revealed himself to be none other than Feux, who had only recently been permitted to return to The Pacific after Krulltopia's ban. Feux proceeded to serve as backup in the instance that Imki lost to the deposed party and their allies, as he was trusted to an extent by them under the name Adytus. When Imkiville's victory was assured, the New Pacific Order took a position to help rebuild the region. Tensions were fraught and interests were tested in these groups. The Constitutional Convention failed and Imkiville couped one last time, establishing the region through a less democratic method, much to the outrage of prominent members of The South Pacific and The Rejected Realms.

With Lazarus successfully liberated, the New Pacific Order looked away from the region for what they thought was a last time and back to their own interests. They established an alliance with The East Pacific, something that had been severed for a time after the New Lazarene Order. The GCR Sovereignty Accords was eliminated due to irreconcilable differences largely centered in an inability to compromise and unwillingness to pursue the relationship. Tensions between The Black Hawks and the New Pacific Order reignited when Aleisyr reappointed Pergamon as Consul in the latter half of 2018. This culminated, not in a public outcry, but in an attempt by The Black Hawks to raid St Abbaddon, a region which had been invaded and then made a protectorate by The Pacific after its most prominent member, Topid, offered offense in the form of anti-New Pacific Order propaganda displayed on the region. Topid served as an ally to The Black Hawks, who sought to use rhetoric alien to raiders to turn public opinion in favor of Topid. The Black Hawks missed the target and the resulting pile-off ended in over 300 nations combined piling for control of the region. The fate of St Abbaddon in this time was ultimately decided by the return of the friendly Delegate Kitsco, who banned many of the invaders. The remainders were kicked by members of the Legio Pacificus who were granted Regional Officer status temporarily.

War was declared on The Black Hawks, a struggle both the New Pacific Order and The Black Hawks had sought, and it looked as if a new battle was about to be openly fought across the game. However, only days later, an unnamed individual seeking to be restored to community membership betrayed Feux and A Mean Old Man and leaked details of Adytus' activities as well as exposing that Feux's allies had been involved. The individual also revealed that Pergamon and Aleisyr had known of his presence. Yet more leaks by another unnamed individual to Cormactopia further in regards to Task Force Lazarus and other details damaged Pergamon and Aleisyr, while a separate grievance afflicted another Senator, Svezjacael. One of the biggest public relations disasters in New Pacific Order history had begun.

Faced with little choice over the nature of the threats against them, which transcended in-game hostility, Aleisyr transferred the title of Emperor to Lord of Darkness when his potential NationStates New Pacific Order candidates refused the seat. Pergamon and Aleisyr brought new members onto the Senate in hopes that they could replace and repair the damage. Feux, A Mean Old Man, and Stujenske were permanently banned. Jar Wattinree and Xoriet were appointed to Senate as emergency additions. Soon after, Ivan Moldavi would return and also be reappointed. Lord of Darkness additionally reinstated Elegarth, who returned to the region at his request. Pergamon volunteered for a ban to save the region, while Svezjacael was given an exile with conditions. Almost all treaties save that with The East Pacific were cancelled or talks to cancel said treaties were initiated. The Pacific was Condemned a second time.

A New Era

The Anti-Pacific Coalition formed despite the demands of all regions being almost perfectly met. Ivan Moldavi handled most of the public fallout, with some assistance from Milograd. Members of the Anti-Pacific Coalition attempted to get the new Senate members blacklisted on an OOC level in an attempt to stop them from exerting positive influence over the foreign affairs of The Pacific. These attempts failed ultimately. Elegarth and Xoriet continued to work mostly behind the scenes on that front. Meanwhile, the internal organization of the New Pacific Order was under constant discussion, namely what had gone wrong to cause such a disaster in the first place. All forms of espionage against other regions, as well as coups, were declared illegal and banned under Imperial decree. Francoism was once again abolished, this time with plans to ensure that it never return as an ideology. A new addition in the form of the elected Senate position of Vox Populi was enacted, though the first election would not occur until March.

The twin mechanical defenses of St Abbaddon and The Pacific continued on, with support from all branches having been summoned. St Abbaddon's treaty was ultimately cancelled when they failed to uphold their end of the bargain and did not recruit, instead relying on the New Pacific Order for support. The Anti-Pacific Coalition promptly piled the region and called it a victory. The Pacific ignored their propaganda and continued to work on internal reforms and external mitigation of the damage. In the meantime, the Anti-Pacific Coalition began to experience troubles of their own. Ever-Wandering Souls was exposed through leaks of a raider commander chat known as The Red Phone as having planned to coup The South Pacific. The Black Hawks avoided much of the fallout by pinning the blame solely on Ever-Wandering Souls and allowing the heat to be redirected to another raider organization whose leadership had been present in the chat. The Anti-Pacific Coalition not long after lost Europeia, a major member, and other members slowly began to break off. They fell into inactivity, only perpetuating the unendorsement campaign against Lord of Darkness' NationStates nation, East Durthang.

The Legio Pacifica was renamed and Xoriet took command, ceding full control of Foreign Affairs to Elegarth. Early struggles emerged between Lazarus, the New Pacific Order, and the Augustin Alliance in the Warzones, fighting over the New Pacific Order's Warzone Airspace embassy. This kept all parties occupied for a time, though eventually the New Pacific Order ceded the fight for the Warzone embassy in exchange for working with Antifa to liberate The Red States from a major fascist movement. The Legio Pacifica was rebuilt with large help from Marina, who, as Praefectus (second-in-command), contributed massively to the activity and training of the military.

Relations with The East Pacific became uneasy as Fedele, the elected Delegate, began to take a series of unorthodox actions in the region. This culminated in a coup attempt, and it was revealed that they had been planning the coup for months. The New Pacific Order and several other treaty allies of The East Pacific began to plan countermoves before the coup itself occurred, and were the first to issue statements against Fedele and his allies when the coup was executed. Fedele's coup ultimately failed, and relations with The East Pacific continued apace.

Less than half a year later, Elegarth's work produced a Non-Aggression Pact with The South Pacific and The West Pacific, while Xoriet contributed to establishing a new treaty with Balder. Public relations continued to improve to some extent, especially when it was revealed the same year that some leaders of the Anti-Pacific Coalition had been involved in the votestacking effort in Lazarus that the Resistance had sought to halt.

Senates of the Ages

Head of State: Francos Spain

Francos Spain's Senators:

Emperor: Unlimited

Unlimited's Senators:

Emperor: Mammothistan

Mammothistan's Senators:

Emperor: BlackAdder

BlackAdder's Senators:

Emperor: Ivan Moldavi

Ivan Moldavi's Senators:

Emperor: Moo Cows with Guns

Moo Cows with Guns' Senators:

Emperor: Krulltopia

Krulltopia's Senators:

Emperor: Ivan Moldavi

Ivan Moldavi's Senators:

Emperor: Aleisyr

Aleisyr's Senators:

Emperor: Lord of Darkness

Lord of Darkness' Appointed Senators:

Lord of Darkness' Vox Populi:

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