History of the New Pacific Order in NationStates

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History of the New Pacific Order

The August Revolution

Francos Spain took the Delegacy of The Pacific from inactive Delegate Thedoc on August 28, 2003 after accumulating sufficient endorsements through both internal operation and external forces to seize the region from the democratic defender regime. The New Pacific Order under its historical and present name was founded on August 31, 2003 as a direct result of the August Revolution. Francos Spain proceeded to establish a new government in which he served as the face of the Order and executioner of activities, while allies InfernoIce, Poskrebyshev and Mammothistan operated strongly alongside him. Francos Spain's seizure of the region caused a great uproar in NationStates and he found himself under attack on a regular basis by players from many players across many regions. He repelled all attempts to take it back. His original major supporters aiding in keeping the region secure and intact were Infernoice and Poskrebyshev. Poskrebyshev was the first Senator, and InfernoIce the second. Francos Spain maintained control of The Pacific despite many efforts, both poorly formed and organized by some of the largest alliances and regions in the game, to mechanically take the delegacy from him. Over the course of his months, he also at one point dropped UN status on his nation, stating that he had done so to prove that the region loved him and he was not just a dictator[1].

The Opposition

One opposing side and host to the deposed former delegate of The Pacific was The Pacific Army. The Pacific Army was the rallying point for much support while using the frequently inactive forrmer delegate Thedoc to claim legitimacy, although other groups tried individually as well. The Pacific Army as a rallying point served as a propaganda machine rather than a militarily threatening force. They resorted to various tactics such as sneaking in spies, generating propaganda, spamming the region, and rallying further outside support against the figure they saw as an unrelenting dictator. Their efforts were not as notable as those by other individuals. Major figures supporting The Pacific Army were the Alliance Defense Network and a coalition of other allies including the Rejected Realms Army, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The East Pacific, and several other regions. Most of the game was arrayed against the New Pacific Order and attacks continued for months. During this time, a Senate comprised of various loyal individuals was established[2], with the main figures being Poskrebyshev, InfernoIce, Bertram Stantrous, and Mammothistan. Many of them worked tirelessly in a capacity for Intelligence work as a counter to the numerous enemies scattered across the game.

An introductory meeting to seize The Pacific from Francos Spain was led by the Meritocracy and backed by the powerful Alliance Defense Network. It was referred to as the "Summit"[3]. Initial efforts involved planting nations and slipping UN nations into the region to endorse point nations. There were tensions between the allies when a member of the Alliance Defense Network attempted to take the Delegacy for himself. Requests that he desist were met with compliance. Francos Spain and his Senators proved adept at identifying these points, however, and they banjected the liberation forces from the region before they could accumulate enough endorsements to replace him in the delegacy.

One particularly notable attempt by an antagonistic individual occurred when a game glitch (referred to as the Battle of the Glitch) removed Francos Spain from the Delegacy[4] in late October of 2003. Corinthe, a defender initially from the Alliance Defense Network and later The Youngworld, piled with well over a hundred nations after his removal to attempt to take the delegacy through glitch exploit. The Moderators initially ruled that all nations had to depart because exploiting a glitch was against the rules[5]. Their departure made it easier for Francos Spain to reclaim the seat with all of his endorsements, though he still had to oppose a large pile that returned when [violet] permitted it[6]. Like all other attempts, this one failed on October 28, 2003 by a margin of two endorsements, and Corinthe and all endorsers were banjected from the region. Francos Spain posted the following World Factbook Entry[7] after regaining control of the region:

"Yesterday, we expelled the filthy hordes of opportunists; the flocks of vultures who tried to swoop in and pick us apart, and LO! We live on, stronger than ever! My thanks to the many steadfast nations who supported me against those foreign devils. Also, today, Tuesday, October 28th is the Day of Pacific Revolution. This marks the two month anniversary of my initial rise to the Delegacy. The New Pacific Order is now the most stable and longest lasting administration in the history of the Pacific."

The New Pacific Order

After the failure of the Battle of the Glitch, regions returned to the same enthusiastic but disorganized propaganda efforts that achieved very little of mechanical value. Over the course of the next half-year, several former avowed enemies such as LadyRebels and 1 Infinite Loop joined the forums of the New Pacific Order and became more acquainted with the community. Eventually peace was made with The South Pacific[8]. The East Pacific and the New Pacific Order signed a treaty and lasting friendships were established. The Alliance Defense Network continued on as an enemy, but the New Pacific Order made alliances with regions such as the USSR and New Sparrow over a period of months. As time passed, more and more regions began to recognize the New Pacific Order as legitimate. There were many holdouts, such as The North Pacific, especially under the intensely hostile Twoslit Experiment, and the Rejected Realms Army, especially related to CrazyGirl, who was also a member of The Pacific Army. Francos Spain wished to establish a Roman Republic theme initially but in the face of accusations of being Stalin, wound up making it as much of a Russian/Soviet theme as a Roman Republic one.

The Alliance Defense Network remained a powerful enemy and many efforts to combat them were undertaken, such as an attempt to support a coup initiated by Great Bight, in which moderators permitted a cheat tactic known as Puppetmaster to take the delegacy back for the Alliance Defense Network and their allies. The cheat exploit had initially been planned to use against the New Pacific Order but was used instead to reclaim the delegacy of The North Pacific. Francos was involved in this but only to a peripheral degree, as his nation after initially endotarting went inactive and the claim that he had gone on vacation was utilized. The New Pacific Order claimed that the effort was due to not wanting to see instability in The North Pacific and maintained this story.

With alliances formed, some lasting, some not, the New Pacific Order continued on with Francos Spain at the helm. New members continued to file in as former enemies began to slowly realize that the New Pacific Order was not as loathsome as their allies would have them believe. Some of these former enemies later became Senators or Governors. With new members and activity surging, the New Pacific Order despite setbacks in The North Pacific was doing well for itself. They aimed to win the culture war and defeat the propaganda of the opposition. The forums of The Pacific became a favored place to cultivate time in good company despite their demonized reputation.

The People's Republic of The Pacific

The time of Francos Spain came to a close when he and Poskrebyshev chose to depart NationStates. Poskrebyshev on departure demanded in exchange for the passwords to the regional assets that the New Pacific Order's theme be changed, as he felt he had claim to the Revolution and did not care to have it exist outside of his control. Francos Spain's stance on this was unclear. The response by new Emperor Unlimited and the remaining Senate was to found the People's Republic of the Pacific (PRP) as a slightly different but still effective clone of the New Pacific Order. They operated almost exactly the same but under another name. The Senate comprised of Mammothistana and BlackAdder remained similar to what it had been, with some new additions such as Mussolandia, Doppelganger, Chosen Men, and Warrior Thorin. Sir Paul and and Warrior Thorin retired not long after Francos Spain ceased to exist and after the events in The North Pacific.

The People's Republic of The Pacific served as a public relations tool to soften the hard image of the New Pacific Order that had earned them so many enemies early on. To some people who believed this wholly, they refer to the People's Republic of The Pacific as the golden age of The Pacific to this day. While the time of the People's Republic of The Pacific was excellent for foreign affairs relations and further solidifying the decision to recognize the regime established by Francos Spain as legitimate, it maintained the core principles upon which the New Pacific Order was initially founded. During its existence there were several more coup attempts on The North Pacific by Sir Paul under the name UPS Rail and Ivan Moldavi under the name Pixiedance and an alliance with ambitious anti-United Nations organization Gatesville was concluded.

  • Mammothistan applies for ADN status

The Advent and Effect of CyberNations

The discovery of CyberNations was a titanic event that led to the loss of a generation of talent from NationStates. Older, established members and mid-level staff migrated to the new game and essentially abandoned NationStates. Hardest hit by this advent were the activity of The Pacific and the leadership of the Alliance Defense Network. Many former enemies even flocked to join the New Pacific Order in CyberNations, such as Unistrut and Dilber of the Alliance Defense Network and Blackbird of the Red Liberty Alliance. The losses incurred by the migration took almost a decade to mitigate. While it was not the death of the New Pacific Order, it was one of the death blows to the Alliance Defense Network.

The Return of the New Pacific Order

BlackAdder, seeing the devastating effects of CyberNations on NationStates activity, took a drastic step to try to reignite that lacking activity. As Emperor, he reestablished the New Pacific Order out of both nostalgia and necessity. Mammothistan opposed this effort and was exiled as a traitor to the Order. BlackAdder ended up exiling most of the Senators from the People's Republic of The Pacific era of The Pacific. BlackAdder's new Senate added former The South Pacific Delegate, Goddessness, Sixguns, and Moo Cows with Guns. The bid for igniting new activity was largely unsuccessful in the long term but in the short term successfully brought a measure of life back into an organization hit particularly hard by the new game. The New Pacific Order under BlackAdder formed an the Later Alliance with Gatesville, USSR, and New Sparrow to oppose what remained of the Alliance Defense Network.

Turmoil and Treason

Moo Term:

  • Azure Alliance formed (TP, TNP, TSP, Taijitu)
  • TNP declares war
  • Moo's defining feature becomes inactivity as he divides his time between NS and CN, of which he was Emperor simultaneously
  • Moo's Senators endotart for him
  • Senator of Intelligence Darkesia attempts to coup the inactive Moo four times
  • NPO renamed Union of Sovereign States of The Pacific
  • Pacific Revolutionary Front attempts to coup Moo mechanically
  • Gatesville plans with Dhaka to coup Moo
  • Inactivity strikes
  • Ivan proposes an elected Senator
  • Ivan removes Moo

Longevity and Ambition

Krull term:

  • Gaspo becomes Senator of Administration
  • Feux, AMOM, and Milograd reach Senate
  • Feux, Milograd, and AMOM jockey for power against Gaspo after he enables their elevation to Senate
  • Francoism is used strongly, all UCR treaties except Gatesville cancelled
  • Relations with Gaspo and Gatesville are severed when he becomes too ambitious (attempts a coup but only manages to remove Krull's forum access)
  • Rothinzil and Elegarth both serve as Consul and refuse to be Emperor
  • Krull's chosen successors all refuse the seat
  • 2014 characterized by Aleisyr's contributions, Elegarth's FA, and Feux seeking the Emperor position
  • AMOM, Feux, Karpathos, Milo use Imperialists as an antagonist and use defending to advance Lazarus platform
  • Activity is invested mostly into Lazarus by those Senators and Karpathos, the PRL is controlled by an unholy alliance between NPO and FRA

The New Lazarene Order

  • Feux and Stujenske coup after getting high irl
  • Pergamon, Milograd, A Mean Old Man, Sweetleaf, Kazmr all support the New Lazarene Order
  • CyberNations NPO is summoned to secure Lazarus
  • Liberation attempts by most of the game regardless of ideology are initiated
  • Behind the scenes, Kazmr works with the leadership of the liberators and plots to betray the NLO
  • Kazmr betrays Milograd and the rest of the NLO regime
  • The Pacific is Condemned, Krull and AMOM lose their Commendations, and The Pacific is considered disgraced abroad
  • Feux and AMOM are banned from The Pacific by Krulltopia after Pergamon gives evidence to Krull that they planned to overthrow him

Restoration of Order

  • Ivan succeeds Moo and proceeds to bring a measure of stability to the NPO
  • Ivan abolishes Francoism and Francos Spain worship as a nearly first move
  • Cormac coups Osiris and exchanges a promise to repeal the Condemnation for NPO's support of the OFO 2.0 coup
  • Ivan establishes the GCRSA with TWP, Balder, and Osiris
  • Pergamon becomes Consul
  • Osiris bails on the arrangement after conflicts with Pergamon, relations with TWP and Balder become difficult due to NPO attacking The Black Hawks
  • Ivan orders the liberation of Ankh Mauta after TBH leader Sygian insults The Pacific
  • After the backlash, Pergamon takes the blame for the event and steps down from Consul to avoid further tensions
  • Ivan chooses Aleisyr as his successor

The Return of Francoism

  • Aleisyr almost immediately reinstates Francoism after Pergamon suggests it
  • Pergamon establishes the Legio Pacifica
  • Pergamon and Souls continue to be at odds
  • Pergamon leads Task Force Lazarus in an effort to liberate Lazarus from what he saw as a Lone Wolves United coup of the region
  • Pergamon establishes alliances with TSP
  • Lazarus is couped by Evil Wolf, Funkadelia, and Lamb Stone
  • NPO supports Imki's coup of their coup and becomes a member of the Peacekeeper council, pushing for a neutral Lazarus
  • Aleisyr and Pergamon oversee the demolition of the GCRSA due to raider conflicts
  • Pergamon establishes an alliance with TEP
  • Pergamon spreads Francoism again and the feeders begin to not entirely reject the message
  • Pergamon is reinstated as Consul by Aleisyr
  • TBH raids St Abbaddon, Pergamon declares war
  • The 2018 scandal arises when an unnamed individual gives TBH information against the Senate in exchange for being allowed back into the community
  • Another unnamed individual hands over TFL logs to Cormac
  • Feux, AMOM, and Stujenske are permabanned, Svez is exiled, Pergamon submits to a voluntary ban to save NPO, Jar Wattinree and Xoriet are elevated to Senate
  • Ivan is appointed to Senate and becomes Consul
  • Elegarth is reinstated to Senate and joins Xoriet as Legatus
  • Elegarth, Ivan, and Xoriet take the moves of neutering the opposition early on by meeting their demands almost perfectly with one exception
  • The Anti-Pacific Coalition is formed after many regions declare war anyway, most of them for bandwagon reasons, one for technicalities, and one for legitimate reasons
  • All treaties are cancelled save the treaty with TEP

A New Era

  • Lord of Darkness inherits the mess of the APC and Ivan serves as the sledgehammer offensive
  • Enemies of the Order try to get members of the new Senate OOC and/or IC blacklisted to prevent them from winning
  • Elegarth and Xoriet work on mitigating some of the damage behind the scenes
  • Ivan establishes the Vox Populi, undeclares war on TBH, and cancels the St Abbaddon protectorate treaty
  • One of the leaders of the APC is deposed when incriminating logs of him are exposed by TSP
  • Xoriet and Elegarth work more publicly on PR while Ivan takes a backseat as the dynamic of the opposition changes
  • APC ceases to do anything remotely useful
  • LazGuard and Legio fight it out in the Warzones
  • The relationship with TEP becomes uneasy as TEP's delegate begins to act in alarming ways
  • Scardino coups TEP two days after NPO organizes a joint group chat between some of TEP's biggest allies (NPO, TNP, TSP, TRR), TEP coup is overthrown after 24 hours
  • Elegarth establishes a non-aggression pact with TSP and a treaty with TWP
  • Xoriet establishes a treaty with Balder

Senates of the Ages

Head of State: Francos Spain

Francos Spain's Senators:

Emperor: Unlimited

Unlimited's Senators:

Emperor: Mammothistan

Mammothistan's Senators:

Emperor: BlackAdder

BlackAdder's Senators:

Emperor: Ivan Moldavi

Ivan Moldavi's Senators:

Emperor: Moo Cows with Guns

Moo Cows with Guns' Senators:

Emperor: Krulltopia

Krulltopia's Senators:

Emperor: Ivan Moldavi

Ivan Moldavi's Senators:

Emperor: Aleisyr

Aleisyr's Senators:

Emperor: Lord of Darkness

Lord of Darkness' Appointed Senators:

Lord of Darkness' Vox Populi: