Second Battle of QBB

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Second Battle of QBB
Started February 27, 2021
Ended On-Going
Cause Dirty Deeds Inc attempts to seize QBB

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order

Dirty Deeds Inc


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png SynysterGates


The Second Battle of QBB is an on-going war fought between the New Pacific Order against the Dirty Deeds Inc faction for possession of the QBB territory.


NPO had recently taken the QBB territory in the Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War several days prior. Additionally the Torn game administrators had also made a change to the way the reviving and medical cooldowns now worked.

Progress of the War

Day 1

The war commenced at 17:58:37 February 27, 2021 when Dirty Deeds Inc launched their assault for the territory and began knocking NPO defenders off the wall and hospitalizing them. Strength then rallied and began to man the wall with as many people as possible in an attempt to slow the assault, by preventing Dirty Deeds from gaining points being on the wall too quickly.



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