Praetorian Guard (Cyber Nations)

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Praetorian Guard
Cyber Nations branch
Status Active
Prefect Eric the Red

The Praetorian Guard is a department of the New Pacific Order. It processes new members applications and runs NPO's Red Senate messaging campaigns.


Rank Image Duties
Prefect Example The Prefect is a member of High Command and oversees all operations of the Praetorian Guard. The Prefect reports to the Imperial Officers.
Tribunes Example Tribunes assist the Prefect in leading the Guard and mentoring other Praetorians.
Evocati Example Evocati is an honorary rank for retired members of the Guard. Evocati may advise the Tribunes and Prefects.
Centurion Example Centurions are responsible for processing new member applications in addition to the regular task of a Praetorian.
Praetorian Example Praetorians monitor new membership applications, message nations on the Red team, and provide military intelligence for the Order.


The Praetorian Guard is the oldest department of the New Pacific Order, originally established by the NPO in NationStates. The Order's Cyber Nations branch established its own version in 2006.

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