Great War I

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Great War I
Started July 15, 2006
Ended August 1, 2006

See war prelude


Public apologies from Emperor Ivan Moldavi and Emperor Tygaland. Tygaland resigns.

Preceded By WSA War
Succeeded By Holy War of Farkistan

Coalition of Justice

New Pacific Order
New Polar Order


LUEnited Nations
Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
Grand Global Alliance
National Alliance of Arctic Countries
Orange Defense Network
League of Small Superpowers
Organized Nations of Superiority
Coalition of Defensive States
International Coalition of Socialist Nations
Team Allied Guardians Alliance
Socialistic Revolution Initiative

The Legion


Ivan Moldavi

Chris Kaos

Ribbon Awarded
Great War I War Ribbon

Great War I (also known as The Great War and the Great Patriotic War) was the first global war in Cyber Nations fought between the New Pacific Order and New Polar Order ("Coalition of Justice") and the CoaLUEtion.

The war ended in a stalemate, although Emperor Ivan Moldavi of NPO and Emperor Tygaland of NpO offered public apologies, and Tygaland resigned at its conclusion, with the major alliances realigning themselves into two diplomatic camps, one led by the NPO and the other by the LUEnited Nations


On July 15, 2006 a member of the LUEnited Nations posted a series of pornographic stories which incorporated members of both the NPO and NpO, as well as a goatse picture in an attempt to be banned from Cyber Nations by breaking as many rules as possible. It was noted that the LUE member frequently posted in their IRC channels, with the government of LUE failing to prevent him from making the offending posts.

The governments of the NPO, NpO and LUE met to discuss the situation, with LUE posting an apology on the forum though it was noted that several of the signatories to the apology had encouraged the behavior.[1] The situation came to a head when NpO Emperor Tygaland declared war on a member of LUE and promptly nuked them (the 24 hour wait before being able to use nuclear weapons had not been implemented), LUE nations began to declare counter wars leading Emperor Ivan Moldavi to formally declare war on the LUEnited Nations.[2]

War Progress

Fighting Begins

The initial combat was limited to the NPO, NpO and LUE, however it soon expanded to include the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization who held a Non-Aggression Pact and Mutual Defense Pact with the NPO at the time. This act emboldened other alliances to declare war on the Orders, some like the Orange Defence Network had legitimate grievances while others sensed an opportunity to take the Orders down and jumped on the bandwagon.

The Legion Attacks

A critical point in the war came on July 23, when The Legion declared war on the NPO, an act which violated the Mutual Defense Treaty the two alliances had. Legion government cited a leaked log between members of the NPO War Council who had expressed displeasure that despite holding an MDP with the Order, The Legion had remained neutral in the war and not assisted the Order and suggested that the Order spearhead an attack on them once the current war had concluded. While suggestion was rebuffed by Ivan who stated "absolutely not" to the possible war, Prime Minster of The Legion SocCarolina announced a declaration of war against the Order with Legion members executing a blitz attack.

Peace Negotiations

Negotiations to end the war started as early as July 19, but stalled almost immediately. CoaLUEtion members at first asked for reparations with an offer of $20 million being rejected by the CoaLUEtion, while a later counter offer for $32-$40 million was rejected by NPO.

End of the War

Peace terms with The Legion and ODN were concluded on July 26.[3] As part of the terms Tygaland posted a public apology to the ODN and resigned as Emperor of the New Polar Order being replaced by Electron Sponge, while Ivan Moldavi posted public apologies to the ODN and The Legion.

The withdrawal of two large alliances from the war triggered a wave of CoaLUEtion aligned alliances to start making individual peace deals with the two Orders. While alliances like GATO attempted to hold out for reparations which were not forthcoming, eventually on August 1 the CoaLUEtion had to settle for a public apology from Ivan Moldavi and Electron Sponge which brought the war to an end effectively in white peace.


The conclusion of Great War I marked the division of the Cyberverse into two camps, one aligned to the NPO and the other to LUE.

On July 16 it was announced that LUE had lost their mask on the Cyber Nations forums.

   I have removed the LUE mask.
   This is permanent.
   After consultation with Admin it has been determined that the ongoing disruptive behavior of LUE are a severe detriment to this game and will cease immediately.
   This game first and foremost is to be clean and fun for all ages and groups of players. Those that can not accept this need to move on because you have no place here.
   The forum and game moderation teams will be working to restore calm here. Those that call bias are in error. We came close to losing our forum yesterday. There is no bias associated with that. Everyone will be expected to adhere to forum rules and regulations. Those that can not will be removed from the forum and the game without warning from this point forward. - Moderation

The war saw the widespread use of nuclear weapons, with global radiation reaching a new high of 5.88 on July 31.

Great War I marked a new era in warfare in Cyber Nations, with many of the major alliances taking part.

The Legion and ODN later signed an MDP treaty, while the NPO-Legion MDP was not reactivated.


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