Holy War of Farkistan

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Holy War of Farkistan
Started January 7, 2007
Ended June 10, 2007

GOON opposition to Fark


Fark surrenders

Preceded By Great War I
Succeeded By Great War II

Farkistan flag.png Farkistan

Supported By
LUE Flag.png LUEnited Nations
Until February 4, 2007

Goon Order of Neutral Shoving flag.jpg Goon Order of Neutral Shoving

Supported By
Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order
Genmay Flag.jpg Genmay


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png Dilber
Flag of the New Pacific Order.png TrotskysRevenge

Ribbon Awarded
Holy War of Farkistan War Ribbon

The Holy War of Farkistan was a war fought between the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving and Farkistan, with the New Pacific Order providing support for GOONS.


In December 2006 the "Norway Incident" took place, in which the alliance Nordreich caused controversy in Norway by using the Norwegian national anthem in a propaganda video amid claims the video used Nazi imagery. This event was reported in media, and was talked about online including the community at Fark.com.

On January 2, 2007 Akbar Lipstick announced the existence of Farkistan and received support from the NAAC and LUE. Members from the Fark forum started joining, with sentiments of sending "GOONS back to SA" expressed, as Fark.com and Something Awful (where the GOONS had come from) had a pre-existing rivalry.

The GOONS decided to take immediate action and declared war on Fark.

War Progress

The start of the war was the trigger that set off Great War II, leading to the The League's involvement until their surrender and withdrawal. LUE continued to fight alongside Fark until they surrendered in early February.

Fark and GOONS continued fighting each other even as Great War III began, with Fark being considered part of Aegis, the loose anti-Initiative coalition that had formed. Following the defeat of Aegis-aligned forces, Genmay and Fark made peace leaving Fark to fight the combined forces of GOONS and the NPO.

The war ended on June 10, 2007 when Fark formally surrendered to GOONS with Daemon Vower being installed as a Viceroy.


Fark adhered to the terms offered by GOONS under the threat of eternal war if they were violated. Fark's surrender lasted until September 10 when Daemon Vower released Fark from the terms following the start of the Unjust War, with Fark and GOONS ending up fighting on the same side.

For a brief period of time the Holy War of Farkistan was the longest war ever fought, later exceeded in length of time by the FAN-1V War.

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