Great War II

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Great War II
Started January 9, 2007
Ended January 14, 2007
(League surrender)

February 4, 2007
(LUE surrender)

June 10, 2007


Expansion of the Holy War of Farkistan

  • Initiative Victory
  • War with Farkistan continues
Preceded By Holy War of Farkistan
Succeeded By The Hacker War

Farkistan flag.png Farkistan

The League
LUE Flag.png LUEnited Nations
GATO Flag.png Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
NAAC Flag.jpg National Alliance of Arctic Countries
Coalition of Dark States flag.jpg Coalition of Dark States
Flag of LoSS.jpg League of Small Superpowers
GOLD Flag I.jpg Global Organization For Liberty And Defense
ICP Flag.png International Communist Party
OIN Flag.gif The Organization of Imperial Nations
Allied Coalition of International Defense flag.gif Allied Coalition of International Defense

Allies of War flag.gif Allies of War
Blue Turtle Alliance flag.jpg Blue Turtle Alliance
Order of Defensive Security flag.png Order of Defensive Security
Libertarian Socialist Federation flag.png Libertarian Socialist Federation
AOB Confederation flag.jpg AOB Confederation
Orange Shadow Force flag.png Orange Shadow Force
Militia flag.png Militia
Dies Irae Flag.jpg ~Dies~Irae~

The Initiative
Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order
NpO Flag.png New Polar Order
Goon Order of Neutral Shoving flag.jpg Goon Order of Neutral Shoving
GGA Flag.png Grand Global Alliance
- - flag.jpg [[>_< (Cyber Nations)|>_<]]
VE Flag.png Viridian Entente
The Order of the Paradox flag.svg The Order of the Paradox
Federation of Armed Nations flag.jpg Federation of Armed Nations
Confederacy of Independent States flag.png Confederacy of Independent States
Nordreich flag.jpg Nordreich

United Global Order flag.jpg United Global Order
Illuminati flag.gif Illuminati
Imperial Cabal of Nationalists flag.png Imperial Cabal of Nationalists
Elite Nations Alliance flag.jpg Elite Nations Alliance


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png Dilber
Flag of the New Pacific Order.png Ivan Moldavi

Ribbon Awarded
Great War II War Ribbon

Great War II was fought in January 2007 between the Initiative and The League. It ended a tense period of diplomatic consolidation between the Initiative and the looser collection of alliances opposed to the Initiative, most prominently GATO and LUE.


In December 2006 the "Norway Incident" took place, in which the alliance Nordreich caused controversy in Norway by using the Norwegian national anthem in a propaganda video amid claims the video used Nazi imagery. This event was reported in media, and was talked about online including the community at

On January 2, 2007 Akbar Lipstick announced the existence of Farkistan and received support from the NAAC and LUE. Members from the Fark forum started joining, with sentiments of sending "GOONS back to SA" expressed, as and Something Awful (where the GOONS had come from) had a pre-existing rivalry.

The GOONS decided to take immediate action and declared war on Fark.

War Progress

Initial Actions

On January 6, 2007 at 8:30pm LUE announced it would offer aid and assistance to any Fark nation that joined it, and became embroiled in an undeclared war with GOONS following the beginning of the Holy War of Farkistan on January 7. Three hours after the LUE announcement, Ivan Moldavi as the Commandant of the Pacific Army released his own stating that the GOONS were within their right to defend themselves and demanded that LUE withdraw the offer of assistance to Fark nations.

Thirty minutes after Ivan's announcement, Dizzay from GOONS announced that the NAAC had violated the NAP that the two alliances held by sending aid to The Blitz, while the NAAC viewed it as "helping an old friend". GOONS voided the NAP with NAAC shortly after, and Fark announced its charter, preparing to dig in for war.

The GOONS reacted by closing all embassies except for its embassy with Fark, offering Fark nations a chance to join the GOONS and avoid war which Fark ignored.

A day later LUE released another statement in which they claimed that all diplomatic avenues to end the war had been exhausted. Concluding that as diplomacy had failed, they would resort to military action and proceeded to launch a surprise blitz attack on the GOONS, at the same time signing an MDP treaty with Fark.

The War Expands

The war grew when NPO formally declared war on LUE, with the NAAC declaring war on the Order in response. GOONS and the NAAC released a joint announcement affirming their friendship and that nations of the two alliances would not fight each other. At the same time the Blue Turtle Alliance entered the war alongside The League.

Additional declrations of war followed with GOLD and GATO entering the war while on The Initative side the Viridian Entente and [[>_< (Cyber Nations)|>_<]] launched counter attacks.

Over the next several days more declarations of war were posted by alliances aligned to The Initative and The League, with the global radition level rising to 3.00 by January 15.

End of the War

The war came to an end on January 14 as The League started to surrender. Alliances like GATO, NAAC, OSF and LoSS surrendered to The Iniative admitting defeat. At the same time The League was dissolved, and LUE found itself diplomatically isolated as its allies suspended or cancelled treaties it held.

A consequence of the war was that LUE and CDS lost their mask status on the forum with FAN and VE taking their place.

LUE itself held out for several more weeks, before surrendering on February 4 and admitting defeat with the following terms:

  • 1) LUE shall surrender to the Initiative and unequivocally state its responsibility for escalating the conflict and starting this war.
  • 2) For a period of six months, LUE nations may not have more than one nuclear weapon. LUE nations has two weeks to decommission them.
  • 3) All LUE's MDPs are reduced to NAPs for three months. MADPs, MDPs or any other treaty with aggressive or defensive warfare text may not be signed for the next six months.
  • 4) /b/ will distribute the LUE's funds to non-LUE nations in dire need of aid that have been affected by this conflict.
  • 5) If a LUE member becomes a rogue within the next six months it may never rejoin LUE.
  • 6a) LUE may not rejoin the League or create or join any other organization similar to it for six months.
  • 7) For the next three months, LUE members may not receive aid from any outside source, including former LUE members who left during the conflict.
  • 8a) Failure to comply with these terms will be considered an act of war upon the Initiative.
  • 8b) Any individual nation that fails to comply with this treaty will be deemed a rogue and be subject to all available military punishment.


The end of the war was a decisive victory for The Initiative, with The League dissolved and its member alliances having surrendered.

Fark however continued to fight and would do so over the next few months, including during the Third Great War, only surrendering to GOONS on June 10.

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