The Hacker War

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The Hacker War
Started March 11, 2007
Ended March 12, 2007

Hacking of the NPO forum.


The Empire disbands

Preceded By Great War II
Succeeded By Great War III

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order

The Empire


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png TrotskysRevenge


Ribbon Awarded
The Hacker War War Ribbon

The Hacker War was a short war fought between the New Pacific Order against The Empire following hacking attacks made against the NPO.


Following the hack of the NPO forums, Pacifican officials began investigating the cause. Working with information that they had gained, they approached {Independent Republic of Orange Nations as they had been sent information from the NPO forums during the hack.

The person who had conducted the hack had shown IRON member Sister Midnight a script that could be used to crack passwords, proving that they had the means to assault the NPO forum. They were also a known NPOphobe willing to go to any lengths to attack the Order.[1]

War Progress

War was declared by Emperor TrotskysRevenge on March 11.[2] The Empire had about 50 members at the time and was rapidly overwhelmed by the Pacifican war machine.


Crumbling during the attack, The Empire disbanded on March 12 bringing the war to an end.