Goon Order of Neutral Shoving (Cyber Nations)

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Goon Order of Neutral Shoving
Official Flag
Team Color Black
Founded July 24, 2006
Disbanded June 11, 2008
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The Goon Order of Neutral Shoving was a large Black alliance in Cyber Nations from 2006 until 2008. It was founded by and mainly comprised of members of the Something Awful forums.



Axis of Awesome and the Initiative

GOONS signed a MADP with the New Pacific Order and New Polar Order on October 25, 2006.[1]

On December 16, GOONS became one of the founding members of the Initiative.

Great Wars

GOONS fought with the Initiative in both Great War II and Great War III.

Unjust Path

GOONS was one of the member alliances of the Unjust Path bloc, which was formed on August 10, 2007. The bloc was widely seen as an escalation in the internecine rivalry between GOONS and the New Polar Order. The two alliances led opposing coalitions in the Unjust War a month later.

Goonland Resistance Movement

Despite the defeat of its coalition in the Unjust War, GOONS opted not to formally surrender and instead kept fighting. The long guerrilla war it waged against its opponents is referred to as the Goonland Resistance Movement.[2]

Although there was a mass exodus of nations from the GOONS alliance affiliation immediately following the end of the Unjust War, many Goons stayed to fight on. However, organized resistance largely collapsed by the end of 2007 and GOONS quietly disbanded in June 2008.

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