Unjust War

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Unjust War
Started September 9, 2007
Ended September 23, 2007

Genmay raids Brotherhood of The Storm

Preceded By FAN-WUT War
Succeeded By The Reeducation

The Unjust Highway

The Unjust Path
Goon Order of Neutral Shoving flag Goon Order of Neutral Shoving
\m/ flag \m/
The Phoenix Federation flag The Phoenix Federation
Genmay flag Genmay
Mushroom Kingdom flag Mushroom Kingdom
Golden Sabres flag Golden Sabres

The SuperFriends
Atlantic Shadow Confederation flag Atlantic Shadow Confederation
Random Insanity Alliance flag Random Insanity Alliance
Farkistan flag Farkistan

FOK flag FOK
R&R flag R&R

Global Organization for Liberty and Defense flag Global Organization for Liberty and Defense
Valhalla flag Valhalla
We Are Perth Army flag We Are Perth Army
The Order of Light flag The Order of Light
Global Order of Darkness flag Global Order of Darkness
Boards Alliance of Protectorate States flag Boards Alliance of Protectorate States
Entente of the Rising Sun flag Entente of the Rising Sun
Coalition of Defensive States flag Coalition of Defensive States
Council for Militaristic and Economic Assistance flag Council for Militaristic and Economic Assistance
Scotland Forever flag Scotland Forever
League of Shadows Treaty flag League of Shadows Treaty
Order of Feudalistic Security flag Order of Feudalistic Security
International Protection Agency flag International Protection Agency
Darkfall flag Darkfall
The German Empire flag The German Empire
Restored Imperial Shogunate flag Restored Imperial Shogunate
New Dark Order flag New Dark Order
Pink Brigade flag Pink Brigade

Partially involved
Federation of Armed Nations flag Federation of Armed Nations


Blue Leadership Ensuring Unity
New Polar Order flag New Polar Order
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance flag Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
Global Democratic Alliance flag Global Democratic Alliance
The Shadowhood flag The Shadowhood
Sentinels of Unity and Liberty flag Sentinels of Unity and Liberty
Overclockers UK flag Overclockers UK
Nueva Vida flag Nueva Vida
Finnish Cooperation Organization flag Finnish Cooperation Organization

Hanseatic League
Norden Verein flag Norden Verein
Iron Cross flag Iron Cross
Protectorate of Curland flag Protectorate of Curland
Order of the Sword flag Order of the Sword

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order


New Pacific Order flag TrotskysRevenge

Ribbon Awarded
Unjust War War Ribbon

The Unjust War was fought in September 2007 between rival factions within the Initiative and their respective spheres of influence. It resulted in the destruction of the Unjust Path and the dissolution of the Initiative. The war represented a dramatic erosion of the New Pacific Order's diplomatic position, although its aftermath saw NPO quickly reestablish its primacy with the creation of two new blocs, One Vision and the Continuum.

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