The Reeducation

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The Reeducation
Started December 1, 2007
Ended April 4, 2008

Revenge Doctrine violations by Devildogs


Devildogs disbands

Preceded By The Unjust War
Succeeded By FAN-1V War

New Pacific Order flag.png New Pacific Order
Placeholder flag.svg 1stMI

Placeholder flag.svg Devildogs


New Pacific Order flag.png TrotskysRevenge
Placeholder flag.svg Dark Omen

Ribbon Awarded
The Reeducation War Ribbon

The Reeducation was a war fought between the New Pacific Order and the Devildogs after they violated the Revenge Doctrine which the Order had put in place to protect nations on the red team.


1stMI were a group of friends who formed an alliance on the red team when they were raided by the Devildogs. Dark Omen came to the Order and applied for assistance and protection under the Revenge Doctrine.[1] NPO officials investigated the matter and concluded that while 1stMI were an alliance in-game, they were disorganized and isolated from the rest of the game that they fell under the protection of the Order.

Despite attempting diplomacy with the Devildogs, several of their members arrived on the forum and proceeded to post in the Red Protection Court thread, arguing that 1stMI was not an alliance and therefore they should be able to continuing raiding them.

War Progress

Following the breakdown in negotiations, war was declared by Emperor TrotskysRevenge on December 1.[2] with 75% of the Devildogs being placed in anarchy within hours of the fighting starting.

The war escalated significantly after Devildogs member MindsRH leaked information that there were plans to carry out a Denial of Service attack on the NPO's forum. 11 days later the NPO forum went offline, with the members of the Devildogs being condemned to Perma-ZI.[3]


Victory was declared on April 5, 2008 when the Devildogs had been reduced to three members.[4]


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