FAN-1V War

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FAN-1V War
Started December 17, 2007
Ended May 14, 2009

FAN surrender term violations

  • Golden Sabres disbands
  • White peace between combatants and FAN
Preceded By The Reeducation
Succeeded By Woodstock Massacre

One Vision
New Pacific Order flag.png New Pacific Order
GGA Flag.png Grand Global Alliance
NpO Flag.png New Polar Order
IRON Flag.png Independent Republic of Orange Nations

The Phoenix Federation flag.png The Phoenix Federation
Valhalla flag.svg Valhalla
The Order of Righteous Nations flag.png The Order of Righteous Nations
MHA Flag.gif Mostly Harmless Alliance

Federation of Armed Nations flag.jpg Federation of Armed Nations

Golden Sabres flag.jpg Golden Sabres


New Pacific Order flag.png TrotskysRevenge
IRON Flag.png DarkMistress
IRON Flag.png FinsterBaby
GGA Flag.png Bilrow
NpO Flag.png Assington
NpO Flag.png AlmightyGrub
The Phoenix Federation flag.png Slayer99
Valhalla flag.svg noWedge
Valhalla flag.svg chefjoe
The Order of Righteous Nations flag.png BigWoody

Federation of Armed Nations flag.jpg mpol777

Ribbon Awarded
FAN-1V War War Ribbon

The FAN-1V War was a war fought between the Federation of Armed Nations and the combined forces of One Vision with additional allies. The war began several months after the conclusion of the FAN-WUT War following accusations from the New Pacific Order that FAN had violated the surrender terms. FAN fought a guerrilla war against the Order and its allies for over a year and a half, making it one of the longest wars fought in Cyber Nations to date and garnering sympathy from many groups outside of the Order's sphere of influence. The damage done to the public image of the Order was a contributing cause of the Karma War.


At the conclusion of the FAN-WUT War, FAN had agreed to terms that stipulated that they could not maintain any "factories, nukes, air force, CMs and tanks". At the time of the declaration of war TrotskysRevenge alleged that over a third of the alliance was in violation of the surrender terms by either possessing military improvements or receiving aid, leading to the resumption of war.[1]

FAN refuted the accusations with mpol777 claiming that the list of peace term violators as presented to them was:

  • 8 Nations possessed Factories
  • 2 Nations possessed either Tanks, Aircraft, or Cruise Missiles.
  • 8 Nations had troop levels above 20% of their Citizen Population

War Progress


Attacks against FAN commenced close to midnight on December 16, with declarations of war posted on December 17 by the NPO, IRON[2], GGA[3], TPF[4], Valhalla[5], NpO[6] and shortly after on December 18 TORN[7].

By 2:30pm on December 17, 371 wars had been declared against FAN nations with 103 remaining in peace mode. By December 19 the number of wars had risen to 556 across 184 nations, while 110 FAN nations remained in peace mode.


On March 8 FAN revealed that they had conducted an espionage operation against the Mostly Harmless Alliance in which the MHA were preparing to go to war by posting screen shots of their forum (since deleted) on the CN forum[8]. MHA responded by declaring war on FAN a day later on March 9.[9]

The Golden Sabres became involved in the war on May 24 after they supported FAN Senator Brass, triggering the Golden Sabres War.

During the course of the war FAN successfully infiltrated the Auric Armada alliance which was revealed on July 10[10]. Shortly after King Vences released a statement acknowledging the infiltration[11], then disbanding on June 20[12].

The New Polar Order later withdrew from the war on September 8 following their defeat in the War of the Coalition[13].


The war against FAN came to an end as the Karma War began, forcing the belligerent alliances to refocus their war efforts. Valhalla was the first to withdraw on May 5[14], with TORN[15], IRON, GGA, MHA, NPO and TPF.

FAN then announced a victory lap[16], bringing the war to a close.


Despite inflicting a crushing defeat during the opening blitz, One Vision were unable to bring FAN to the negotiating table to discuss surrender, as FAN preferred to continue waging its guerrilla war. Public opinion began turning against the Order due to the duration of the war, and was one of the contributing factors leading to the Karma War.

The Order and FAN would later come to blows again in the Doom House War and the Fark-NPO War.

Declarations of War

For One Vision and Allies

Surrenders and Withdrawals

For One Vision and Allies

For FAN and Allies


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