In Memory of the Fallen Ranked War

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In Memory of the Fallen Ranked War
Started December 3, 2022
Ended December 4, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By Warriors 4077th Ranked War
Succeeded By Lingering Insanity Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

In Memory of the Fallen flag In Memory of the Fallen


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

In Memory of the Fallen flag Prynce

The In Memory of the Fallen Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and In Memory of the Fallen in December 2022.


Strength was matched with In Memory of the Fallen on November 29, 2022, with the war set to begin on December 3 and a net target score of 10,700 required for victory.

This marked the first time that an NPO faction had fought against a Nameless affiliated faction.

War Progress

The war started at 2300 TCT and to the surprise of NPO members, the war ended after five hours of fighting. Strength gained a rapid lead with multiple bonus hits being dropped, while the Fallen attained only 759 score in the entire war. As a consequence, Strength was able to reach the target score with minimal difficulty.


At the conclusion Strength ranked up from Gold II to Gold III and received 9,634 bonus respect, 3,179 points, 4x Armor Cache, 3x Medium Arms Cache, 4x Melee Cache.


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