Copyright War

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Copyright War
Started May 30, 2007
Ended May 31, 2007

Theft of NPO guides


Aeazen Combine disbands

Preceded By Green Civil War
Succeeded By The OHNOES War

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order

Aeazen Combine
Confederacy of Rich Respected Nations


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png TrotskysRevenge

Ribbon Awarded
Copyright War War Ribbon

The Copyright War was a short war fought between the New Pacific Order and the combined forces of the Aeazen Combine and Confederacy of Rich Respected Nations after they were found to be using NPO guides.


Imperial Regent Bakunin's Dream had created a series of guides for NPO members to help them in Cyber Nations, which were stolen by Zindabad and used by the Aeazen Combine and CRRN alliances without permission or attribution.

War Progress

After the theft had been detected and confirmed, war was declared by Emperor TrotskysRevenge on May 30[1] with the offending alliances overwhelmed by the Pacifican war machine quickly.


The Aeazen Combine disbanded after the war began, and the CRRN was devastated rendering the gains from stealing the guides worthless.