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Started June 3, 2007
Ended June 5, 2007

Spying on the NPO


ONOS surrenders

Preceded By Copyright War
Succeeded By FAN-WUT War

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order

ONOSflag.jpg Organized Nations of Superiority


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png TrotskysRevenge

Ribbon Awarded
The OHNOES War War Ribbon

The OHNOES War was a short war fought between the New Pacific Order and the Organized Nations of Superiority after it was uncovered that ONOS was running a spy ring involving the NPO, and had stolen NPO guides.


ONOS was a member of the Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense treaty bloc and had pledged neutrality. With internal strife affecting the government, Da Choice decided to defect to the Order and revealed that ONOS was operating a spy ring targeting the Order, plus alliances like Grand Global Alliance and the Green Protection Agency. Additionally, ONOS were making use of several guides that their spy ring had stolen.

After being confronted with this evidence, ONOS removed itself from the GUARD bloc and was given an ultimatum: accept Ivan Moldavi as a Viceory or be destroyed. After the high government members abandoned the negotiations, the mid government and members rejected the terms and prepared for war.

War Progress

The Order declared war on June 3 and commenced military operations immediately.[1] In the first ten minutes of the war, ONOS lost 400,000 nation strength and declined rapidly, forcing ONOS back to the negotiating table.


ONOS surrendered on June 5, accepting the terms including a Viceroy and a new forum. ONOS remained an NPO protectorate for some time, before being released by the Order.


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