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New Pacific Order
Government of The Pacific
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Waterfall State

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The New Pacific Order found its beginnings in NationStates in August 2003 after the effective founder of the Order, Francos Spain, mechanically seized the oldest region in the game from sitting delegate Thedoc and began the process of establishing a new government. The NPO has always been primarily based in and maintained sovereign control over The Pacific, a Feeder region in the game from which it takes its name.


Main article: History of the New Pacific Order in NationStates

The New Pacific Order was founded on August 31, 2003 as a direct result of the August Revolution. Although it has operated under several names and charters since, the Order has maintained a politically continuous government since its founding. Francos Spain, the founder of the New Pacific Order, seized the Delegacy of The Pacific from defender delegate Thedoc. He proceeded to establish a new government in which he served as the face of the Order and executioner of activities, while internal allies Poskrebyshev and Mammothistan operated strongly behind the scenes. Francos Spain's seizure of the region caused a great uproar in NationStates and he found himself under attack on a regular basis by players from many players across many regions. He repelled all attempts to take it back. His original major supporters aiding in keeping the region secure and intact were Infernoice and Poskrebyshev. The opposing side and major opponent to the fledgling Order was The Pacific Army, with notable figures Thedoc and CrazyGirl as members. The Pacific Army was the rallying point for much support, although other groups tried individually as well.

One particularly notable attempt by such an individual occurred when a game glitch removed Francos Spain from the Delegacy in late October. Corinthe, a defender from The Youngworld, piled with well over a hundred nations after his removal to attempt to take the delegacy through a glitch exploit. The Moderators initially ruled that all nations had to depart because exploiting a glitch was against the rules[1]. Their departure made it easier for Francos Spain to reclaim the seat with all of his endorsements, though he still had to oppose a large pile that returned when [violet] permitted it[2]. Like all other attempts, this one failed on October 28, 2003 by a margin of two endorsements, and Corinthe and all endorsers were banjected from the region. Francos Spain posted the following World Factbook Entry[3] after regaining control of the region:

Yesterday, we expelled the filthy hordes of opportunists; the flocks of vultures who tried to swoop in and pick us apart, and LO! We live on, stronger than ever! My thanks to the many steadfast nations who supported me against those foreign devils. Also, today, Tuesday, October 28th is the Day of Pacific Revolution. This marks the two month anniversary of my initial rise to the Delegacy. The New Pacific Order is now the most stable and longest lasting administration in the history of the Pacific.


Main article: Charter of the New Pacific Order (NationStates)

The Charter of the New Pacific Order is the supreme law of the Order and the Pacific. NPO adopted its current charter in January 2019.[1]



The Senate of the New Pacific Order is normally comprised of the Emperor, Consul, Censor, Legatus, Pontifex Maximus, Praetor, Tribune, and Vox Populi. None of the positions are requisite to be filled at all times save Emperor and Consul. Other Senators may do the work of an empty Senate position in the instance of no Senator in office at the time. All Senators are the de facto leadership of the departments, overseen by the Consul, who has higher authority than rank and file Senators, and at the dictation of the Emperor, who has the ultimate authority in all matters.

The Emperor is the head of state of the New Pacific Order and normally serves as the Delegate of the Pacific. The Emperor's authority is absolute within the branch.

The Regent is the Emperor's designated successor and is empowered to act on the Emperor's behalf should the Emperor be absent or delegate their authority. The Consul has higher authority than the rest of the Senate but is subordinate to the Emperor.

The Senator of Admissions and Personnel is the head of security of the New Pacific Order and leader of the Praetorian Guard.

The Senator of Diplomatic Affairs is the top diplomat of the Diplomatic Corps and head of Foreign Affairs of the New Pacific Order. The Legatus is charged with maintaining foreign affairs and is the authority on the matter with the exception of being subordinate to the Consul and Emperor.

The Senator of Cultural Affairs is the director of the Culture department and manager of Internal Affairs.

The Senator of Military Affairs is the military commander of the Legio Pacifica, the military of the New Pacific Order. The Praetor has complete autonomy in the position unless it becomes a matter of Foreign Affairs or the Consul and Emperor contradict the will of a sitting Praetor.

The Voice of the People is the only democratically-elected Senator in the New Pacific Order and acts as a liaison between the Senate and Body Republic.

Advisory positions of honorary Senate can be granted to retired Senators. The present qualifiers for this position are Shnailand and Ivan Moldavi.


The Exarchate is organized of the former Governors and the non-Senate heads of the departments of the New Pacific Order. Other non-officer additions may be considered based on meritorious conduct and great contributions to the Order. There is no hierarchy in the Exarchate, but it is considered mid-government level in the New Pacific Order. The Exarchate presently aids the Senate as well as managing their own tasks as assigned by roles overseeing the departments.


The Cards department is intended to add more culture to the branch and enable citizens to work together to complete collections in regards to the card game of NationStates.

The Culture Committee organizes internal game or culture events and may propose to the Senate festivals or other events with foreign allies or other regions.

The Diplomatic Corps liaises with foreign regions on behalf of the Order. Its members serve only as ambassadors. The Legatus and Consul are largely responsible for formulating foreign policy and negotiating formal agreements with other regional governments.

The Legio Pacifica is the military of the New Pacific Order in NationStates. They primarily operate against fascists or the occasional enemy of the Order depending on circumstances. Advancing a career in Legio Pacifica is achieved through meeting qualifications set to ensure top tier officers.

The Mentoring department is intended to guide newcomers through the process of acclimatizing to the Order after achieving citizenship. They are managed by the Vox Populi.

The Praetorian Guard monitors applications for Pacifican citizenship and monitors the Pacific for violations of NPO's Civil Code.

The World Assembly Squad reviews proposed World Assembly legislation and advises the Emperor how to vote in his capacity as delegate of the Pacific. The WA Squad also edits drafts of WA proposals written by its own members.

Security Officers are not a department as such, but a collective of trusted individuals who will maintain higher endorsements and assist in handling matters involving border control where is fitting.

Foreign Relations

Balder (Treaty of Skandia: Treaty)[4]

Europeia (Non Aggression Pact)

The Communist Bloc (Collectivist Comrades Pact: Treaty) [5]

The East Pacific (The Pacifican Amity Treaty: Treaty) [6]

The South Pacific (Pax Capricorn: Non-Aggression Pact) [7]

The West Pacific (Better Together: Treaty) [8]