Foundation of the New Pacific Order (Cyber Nations)

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The Foundation of the New Pacific Order in Cyber Nations began with a migration of players from NationStates.

Creation of the NPO in Cyber Nations

On January 24th, 2006, the nation of Karpathos was created in Cyber Nations, and was likely the first nation created by the vanguard of the New Pacific Order in Cyber Nations. Over the next three days the other founding members created their nations as well: RedCommunist on January 25th; Ivan Moldavi, Koona, TrotskysRevenge, Vladimir, Iosef, and Lord Valentine on January 26th; and Dilber on January 27th.

Karpathos officially reserved the New Pacific Order Alliance Affiliation on January 27th and became its first member, joined shortly thereafter by the eight other founding members.

Drafting the Charter

The day after the alliance's creation in Cyber Nations, discussions began on the NPO forums to decide on the structure of the government. Vladimir submitted his initial proposal[1] consisting of the Emperor, a seven-member Senate comprised of six elected members and the Emperor who would handle the daily affairs of the alliance, and the Body Republic.

On January 29th Vladimir submitted a revision of his proposal which now included the Body Republic, the Councils, and the Emperor. The Body Republic would elect members to the Councils and would vote on proposals for war declarations. The Councils, consisting of the Alliance and War Councils, would each have 4 members and be chaired by the Emperor. The War Council would handle foreign relations, including war once voted upon by the membership, and devise strategy. The Alliance Council was responsible for handling requests for membership and other internal matters. Finally, the Emperor would have veto power over both Councils.

This revision was widely accepted by the membership of the Order at the time, and after some brief discussion, this structure was codified into the First Charter of the New Pacific Order by Ivan Moldavi.

Election of the Emperor

It was decided that the first Emperor of the New Pacific Order in Cyber Nations would be chosen by an election of the membership. The election would consist of two members: Ivan Moldavi was nominated by Doppelganger and seconded by TrotskysRevenge, and Vladimir was nominated by Karpathos and seconded by Agamemnon.

A forum poll[2] was created for the election and a total of twelve members submitted their votes. Ivan Moldavi became the first Emperor of the New Pacific Order in Cyber Nations with a vote of 9-3.